Unified Track 2022

Papillion-La Vista Community Schools compete at the Unified Track on Friday Apr. 22 at Foundation Field.


Reilly Healey

Junior Sammy Roum and freshman Terence Nazarian sprint in the 100 meter dash at Foundation Field.

Reilly Healey, Editor-in-Chief

The annual Unified track meet, a Unified Sports event, was held on Friday Apr. 22 at Foundation Field. Schools from all over the Papillion-La Vista Community School district came together to compete with one another, including PLHS, Papillon-La Vista South High School, La Vista Middle School, Papillon Middle School, and the Young Adult Transition Program. The events consisted of traditional track events, ranging from the javelin throw to the 100 meter dash. All the events were inclusive to accommodate the needs of every athlete to ensure that the track meet was a special and welcoming event.

Peers collaborated with the athletes by helping them out during their events, which created some unforgettable duos and teams. As each athlete strived for greatness, the peers were able to be right by their side, creating a unique experience for all.

“My favorite part [of the track meet] was watching the students have fun and how much they like it,” junior Reese Folger said.

As both Papillion-La Vista High School and Papillion-La Vista South High School are very involved in Unified Sports, students, whether they are athletes or peers, have an abundance of opportunities to join other Unified events and create lasting memories.

“I did something similar to this track meet before which was offered through the school,” Folger said. “It was a summer camp hosted by Harrison Phillips, who is an NFL football player from Nebraska, where special education students get to participate in tons of different sports, but I liked this track event better.”

The track meet was filled with both competition and love. Even as the athletes went head to head with another, once they crossed the finish line, hugs and high fives were exchanged.

This is certainly not the only Unified Sports event that has a strong hold on the community. There are many activities and games that PLHS has taken part in, like basketball, racket ball, and soccer. While this event was certainly packed with athletes, peers, and teachers, there is always room for others to become a member of the Sports Unified family.