Oh I’ve Got a Statement All Right

I am not the biggest fan of the Fashion Industry.


Tyler Henkel, Entertainment Editor

I’m not even going to do a lead for this story, that is how much I do not care about fashion.

I am not a fan of the fashion industry or wearing clothes that are considered fashionable.

When I went to my girlfriend’s church for the first time to meet her grandparents, my perfect first impression was wearing a shirt with buttons.

Jeans and a polo are the max for me if I go any higher than jeans it better be a funeral or a wedding because otherwise the suffering that my hairy legs feel in those tight pants is not worth it otherwise.

I just don’t understand why I would wear clothes for any other purpose other than to be comfortable or weather conditions.

I get why other people do; go ahead and waste your money any way you like but don’t push a shirt on me unless I experience softness euphoria by touching it.

And listen, I’m not stupid I know it’s a lot different between girls and guys but come on you women take it way over the top.

I have never seen anyone spend so much money outside of Vegas other than in a Kohl’s, you get an outfit for every single scenario, then get a pair of shoes for any climate that matches that outfit, what’s next you buy a matching umbrella for each outfit in case it rains?

On top of that these designer brands are scamming you. You can get the exact same top without the logo for 80% cheaper, just a logo can cost you $200, that’s how much I get on my paycheck. You pay so much for designer brands that don’t even feel more comfortable than clearance aisle clothes!

Honestly I can’t even bring myself to make a conclusion, It might have a logo and cost another paycheck.