Food with History

GI Forum is a must try in South Omaha.


A platter of beef tacos and rice from GI Forum is great option on the menu.

REVIEW BY: Samantha Riggs, Feature Editor

Family-style restaurants are like no other. They have a certain type of welcoming aspect as soon as you walk through the door. 

South Omaha is known for its family-owned Mexican restaurants. Each of them have the same types of food, but they can not compare to one another. 

Over a few years ago, El Aguila permanently closed and it was a restaurant I had been eating at since I was in elementary school. You could see familiar faces every time you returned. El Aguila was fairly priced with great appetizers and main courses. The flour chips and hot sauce were like no other, so I was sad to hear when they closed a few years back. 

Fortunately, you can get the same type of traditional restaurant in South Omaha at GI Forum. This is a fairly priced restaurant that you can enjoy with a small group or a larger group of people.

GI Forum opened in 1957 and has a lot of Hispanic cultures based around this restaurant. The decor and seating give off a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. 

If your schedule is busy throughout the day and you are craving some great Mexican food, GI Forum also does takeout and pickup. This is perfect for family dinners, last minute food decisions, get-togethers, and different events. 

Just like El Aguila, GI Forum restaurant has great appetizers and they also have meat and cheese dips for chips that are great before eating your main dish. It is a bonus that you can receive multiple rounds of chips before the main course. Pablo’s Dip and Cheese Dip are great appetizer options. 

GI Forum has many options for each dish such as the types of meat, shells, and sides. With such a large menu, there are many options to fit every type of Mexican food interests.

I personally would recommend getting their beef tacos with the fried shell and sides of rice. The fried shell adds extra flavor to the tacos and makes this food stand out. They also have burritos, enchiladas, nachos, tostadas, soups, salads, and much more. 

GI Forum is a great spot to try great Mexican food that will make you want to be a consistent customer. With the family-feeling and a large variety of fresh-tasting foods, there are items on the menu for everyone.