Outside of PLHS

Students at PLHS participate in extracurricular activities outside of the standard school zone.


Junior Lexi Anderson poses in front of the newly set Runza sign with her coworker.

Solana Gibson-Martines, Staff Writer

The energy drains from your body, lectures and student engagement become far too exhausting. As you drag your body into your bed for a recharge, you realize there is something else that frees you from your fatigue: after school activities. 

Here at PLHS, there are many clubs, sports, and even academies offered to students, freeing them from the worries of their studies.

Junior Lexi Anderson spends her days at Health Academy before being able to participate in these clubs.

“I will be in HOSA at the Health Academy this year,” Anderson said.

Apart from classes she also has a job that she goes to to make her money.

“I work at Runza,” Anderson said. “I take orders, wash dishes, check the lobby, and restock the cooler and ice cream machines.”

LikeAnderson, Junior Kidist Negus is also in the Health Academy. 

“I am a HOSA officer at [PLHS’] chapter, I’m part of the Leadership Committee, and I’m the Outreach President for Papio Proud,” Negus said.

Negus makes a set schedule of when homework needs to be done so that she doesn’t fall behind.

“I love to-do lists, so I create one to prioritize my work,” Negus said. “I’m in Health Academy so I split it between Monday, Thursday and Tuesday, Friday.”

Negus works to better her education and to push past the difficult obstacles. 

“I feel like sleep is really important, like don’t scroll on Tiktok until 4 a.m.,” Negus said. “Do what you want but take responsibility for the things that you are obligated to do.”

Anderson and Negus are strong students at PLHS, and by involving themselves in sports and extracurricular activities, they are able to experience everything that the school has to offer.