A Game Before The Game

Gearing up for the first game of the season, PLHS Football plays in the scrimmage every year.


Every year PLHS puts on a football scrimmage with the band, cheer, and dance teams to bring everyone around the school together to prepare for the big day- Game day. The Monarchs are split into two and play each other for extra practice before the first big game.

Sophomore Chase Cunningham, a quarterback on the team, prepared for the scrimmage in many different ways. 

“I studied the plays the best I could,” Cunningham said, “I wanted to make sure I was prepared for anything that could get thrown at me.” 

Rowan Bradford, a sophomore who plays “corner and wide receiver” said he prepares for the scrimmage most at practice.

“Surrounded by my teammates is where I get most of my work done,” Bradford said, “Running the plays with people around me like a real game helps me work harder.” 

How Coach Tim Williams splits the team based on positions and grade, and avoids putting all of the new members on one of the teams. 

“He chooses on grade but also chooses on what position you play,” Bradford said, “Take me, I’m a wide receiver- so he’s not gonna put me on a team with three other wide receivers.”

Every player looks forward to the kick-off of football season for weeks. Even though the scrimmage is a great way to practice it’s never really the same as a game. 

Both Cunningham and Bradford said the way a scrimmage was most different from an actual football game was the fans. 

“No one but parents show up really,” Bradford said, “It’s much more exciting when the whole student section is there.” 

As the season is in its new beginning the team has set good goals to achieve. 

“One of our main goals is to make it to state and win,” Cunningham said, “We know it’s a very big goal to achieve but if we work hard anything is possible.” 

Now that the season is in full swing the players are more ready than ever, they are excited to see what the season brings.