The Comeback of Concerts

Students at PLHS express their love for music by seeing some of their favorite musicians perform live.


Photo from the Pit Bull concert on 8/17/2022

Izzy Gerharter, Photography Editor

For the average High school student, the after school routine appears generally the same for everybody. After leaving school, going home or going to sports practice and at some point in the night managing to find time to complete homework. For the concert lovers, the week of August 14th to the 20th had the typical after school routine skewed just a bit. 

On August 16th, the popular Indie band The Lumineers made an appearance at CHI health center and the next night Pit bull and Iggy Azalea performed at Baxter Arena. So instead of doing their nightly studying and typical afternoon activities, juniors Amaya Davis and Anna Simon spent the nights of the 16th and 17th singing and dancing to some of their favorite artists. 

“My favorite part about live music is the crowd,” Simon said. “Everybody is there because they like to be there.”

A large part of the popularity of going to concerts is the atmosphere and being surrounded with people who all love the same artist. Many students enjoy attending concerts since it is an environment where singing at the top of their lungs and dancing does not warrant any judgment from others.

“You can see how talented that artist really is with live music,” Davis said.

Although the prices of concert tickets have risen within the last few years, nothing beats the experience of listening to your favorite songs live. Many students prefer to listen to music live, despite the increase in price for tickets.

“You get more engulfed in the music when it’s live,” Davis said.

A recent rule that artists have implemented at their concerts is a no phone policy. Coldplay is one of the many bands to institute this new policy, and the opinions on it have been varying amongst the fans. 

“I think that as long as you are not only on your phone throughout the concert it is fine,” Davis said.

Concerts are a major part of teenage life, and they create an immersive and fun atmosphere for students who dedicate a portion of their paychecks to going to see their favorite artists in person.