Open Up for Open Campus

Open Campus would not only please students, but also teach them something most are lacking: responsibility.


 Whether It is a sandwich from home or a sloppy joe from the cafeteria, students are always craving the next best meal after a long day. Open Campus during lunch at PLHS would benefit students for several reasons.

Open Campus would allow students to leave the school for a brief time to grab lunch with their friends or to fix something up at their own home. Many students are in favor of this idea, however the catch is many young teenagers may abuse this privilege by not returning to class in time or at all. 

The main benefits of Open Campus is that it teaches students responsibility. Giving students the opportunity to prove themselves to earn trust. 

In Oregon, 67% of public schools have open campus policies while upholding a successful high school education program. This policy gives high achieving students the opportunity to experience a reward for their efforts. 

Students are always striving for the next best thing. Open Campus would give students a purpose to do better academically and practice management skills.

Lastly, this reward gives students the opportunity to support local businesses. Individuals who will stop by close proximity restaurants can help carry the success of businesses.  

Open Campus policies would benefit PLHS for the better. It helps support businesses, teaches kids responsibility and rewards students for their hard work. Instead of the usual sloppy joes from the cafeteria or sandwich from home, Open Campus will give students the opportunity for their next best meal.