It’s Friday, Friday!

Students at PLCS start off the year on a Friday much to their dismay.


Danae Collver is a news staff writer

Danae Collver, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Friday. Everyone is pumped for the weekend and this day symbolizes the end of a tiring week for all demographics. I’m sure you have heard many people utter the phrase “Thank goodness it’s Friday,” and for good reason. Typically a day to look forward to and the perfect time to unwind, Friday was tarnished this year by the bitter promise of school. 

This year at PLCS, students were quickly snapped out of their summer haze by starting the new school year on a Friday. 

While it may seem dramatic to whine about the return of school on a Friday, in actuality, it completely throws off students and teachers alike. Instead of easing into an unfamiliar schedule and workload, students are dumped into a classroom for a day only to return to a lazy weekend the next.

Starting on a Wednesday or even Thursday provides them with the opportunity to find their usual groove again without the interruption of the weekend immediately after. We need more time to adapt our bodies and minds to the early mornings and long hours of a typical school day. 

Sure, it feels great to only go back for a day, but consider the effect of confusion it has on our brains as we switch back to our sluggish activities. As they draft the calendar for the next school year, they should keep in mind the best interest of the students and return the novelty to Friday once more.