REVIEW: Batter Up

Prime Video’s new show “A League of Their Own” challenges stereotypes and brings a spin to the classic game of Baseball.


REVIEW BY: Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer

It’s the 1940s in America, all of the healthy young men are participating in WW2. With no one else to fill the shoes of these players, women stepped up to bat and started to play America’s most loved sport, baseball.

 The show “A League of Their Own” focuses on the forming of the all women’s baseball team, the Rockford Peaches.

The writer of “A League of Their Own” is Abbi Jacobson. The show was directed by a number of people, such as Jamie Babbit and Silas Howard. Sony Pictures is the studio that produced the show which is good because Sony Pictures is a big studio, which means that more people are likely to watch the show . The executive producers of “A League of Their Own” are Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson.

One thing that might entice you to watch, “A League of Their Own” is the fact that the show is extremely diverse and chock full of representation despite the setting being 1940s America.

“A League of Their Own” is an eight-episode show with each episode usually being close to an hour long. It stars Abbi Jacobson as Carson Shaw and Chanté Adams as Max Chapman.

Carson Shaw was a housewife who had left her hometown in order to attend baseball tryouts. Carson ends up on the Rockford Peaches as the catcher, and later in the show ends up playing an even bigger role for the team.

Max Chapman is a pitcher who at first was going to try out for the baseball league, but was not allowed. Max tries many times to play professional baseball but gets denied over and over until finally she gets her chance.

“A League of Their Own” has many great parts about it, but the absolute best has to be the multiple storylines. For example, one minor but great storyline is how Esti González (Played by Priscilla Delgado) is adapting to America despite not being able to speak fluent English, and how her relationship progresses with Lupe García (Played by Roberta Colindrez).

I highly recommend “A League of Their Own” because of the great storylines and the great acting by the entire cast.

“A League of Their Own” is not a swing and a miss, it’s a home run of a show. I believe that most people will enjoy the show, especially fans of comedy as the show includes a great amount of jokes and other comedic relief.