Train Up, Gain Up

New members of the PLV Media Academy learn skills on the fly.


Freshman Maggie Frederick operating a camera at a football broadcast. Photographer: Jim Frederick

In preparation for the various sports live streams offered by the PLV Media, the academy has training days for its students every year. Football is always the kickoff sport of the fall season. 

The 2022 – 2023 football season started early, with week 1 during the first full week of school. Because of this, the training days these days took place at games instead of scrimmages. 

A major part of the grades are down to operating at livestreams. Club sponsor Becky Hoch often refers to her class as a“classtivity.” With the majority of knowledge from class is meant to be applied to out of school activities. 

Leah Hunter, a senior and 4 year media student is the football livestream producer. After training night, she spotted more motivation with the rising group.

“They are all taking this on very confidently and they are very excited to be out there.” Hunter said. “They like to listen to directions, which is something that you don’t always see.”

Hunter oversees the responsibilities of all student roles. She gives order and direction to her crew to maintain the stream’s quality. 

“I always made sure when I was on my radio to always compliment people on cameras saying, hey, great job cam three, that was a great shot,” Hunter said.

With outside stressors like injuries on the field and constant movement, football is a demanding sport to stream. Exposure to a new scenery may be overwhelming, but the sensation is not new. Upperclassmen know the concerns of studies kids well. Pointing out positives eases students into their roles.

Mackenzie Frederick, freshmen, and studies student attended her first livestream last Friday, August 27th. Frederick remembers the evening as one of the best experiences she has ever had. The whole crew was helpful to her.

“They are (The media crew) always there to build you up and help,” Frederick said.

Operating in the press box is a contrasting place for sports for Frederick. She is a sports lover. On top of watching football every weekend, she participates in volleyball, throws discus, basketball, and softball. 

“Everyone is just so used to sitting in the stands, but being able to broadcast it and show people what makes sports so engaging,” Frederick said. “ It was really cool for me.”

This livestream helped Frederick realize that she definitely sees a future for herself in sports communication. Seeing sports from a new perspective helped confirm her interests. 

While the Media Academy kicks off the year the same way every time, the growth of first year students is a new addition to the team is unique.