Leaving a Pit in my Heart

PLHS’s revamped pits sparks different feelings and opinions.


Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer

So far 2022 has had some of the saddest deaths, and now unfortunately the Monarchs have to add the death of their beloved carpeted pits. The once beautiful pits are now covered with tile, the only remnant left of them is a tiny bit of carpet at the bottom.

PLHS has undergone construction for about two years, and now to begin this year the school revamped the pits. Opinions on the pits are varying. Some are fine with the big change while others are upset with the fact that the school took away the main hotspot for many people. 

“I don’t like that they changed it from carpet to tile,” sophomore Pluto Eveland said. “It feels like less of an area in which we can hang out with friends and relax, it feels more professional and less student-friendly.”

The pits being changed wasn’t really that big of a surprise. The carpet was slowly but surely getting dirty so it’s no wonder why they were changed to tile.

“I believe the pits were changed because so many things had spilled on the carpet,” sophomore Kyra Anthis said. “It was old and outdated.”

The carpeted pits will be missed by many people, mainly because those pits were comfortable. Now, however, they are beyond uncomfortable with the cold, uninviting tile keeping most from sitting too long.

Perhaps this was an intentional change, in order to avoid the pits being overrun with students. If so, it’s obvious that it’s working well, because less and less students are using the pits.

Now they are just forming giant groups near and around the pits. So having the pits be tiled changed nothing. The same people are just standing around in groups crowding around the pits. Our pits were changed for nothing. May our carpeted pits rest in peace.