When Students Meet Professionals

PLHS band members learn from experienced musicians.


The band rehearses while at the Dallas Brass workshop. Photographer: Tim Keller

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

On September 10th, the Dallas Brass held a concert at PLHS where they had a workshop for band students. 

Dallas Brass, founded in 1983 by Micheal Levine, is an ensemble of musicians that combines brass instruments with drums and percussion. The group tours the US where they visit various public schools hosting workshops and performing. 

The ensemble reached out to the PLHS band director, Mr. Tim Keller, due to the fact that the PLHS band participates in the program Harmony Bridge founded by Levine. 

“We take kids out and play at the retirement homes. And the founder of the Harmony Bridge Program is also part of the Dallas Brass. So because of that connection, they reached out to us,” said Keller.

Both the high schoolers and middle schoolers were able to attend the event where they not only listened to the Dallas Brass play, but also got to ask them questions and perform the song, American Tableau, with them.

“They got to perform, but then they also got to see what professionals do,” said Keller.

One student in attendance, Meredith Koehler, felt the two bands mixed well together.

“It didn’t feel like, oh, we’re playing with these professionals and we’re just high schoolers, it felt connected,” said Koehler.

The ensemble played a wide variety of music for the students and community members ranging from Beethoven to Pink Panther. 

“So they had a lot of aspects where it’s like, here’s this cool jazz. But if you’re not into jazz, here’s some more classical stuff,” said Koehler. “And it could appeal to everyone who was watching.”

The experience ended up being extremely valuable for those involved, allowing students passionate about music to interact with people who made such a passion their career. 

“I definitely feel like I can be a better musician out of it. And I just know now that like, you know, if I put work into stuff, that a good result can come out of it,” said Koehler.   

Overall, the concert was very beneficial for the students. Students gained great life advice from the Dallas Brass and also created some great sounds as one big group.