Let’s BeReal

Emmalyn A, Journalism 1 student

Instagram, SnapChat, Tiktok, Twitter, Netflix, Youtube, All of these apps all have one thing in common, people love to use them, whether it’s just posting on the app or watching videos, these apps spark joy for many. 

One app that is very popular right now is BeReal, it became popular during 2020, but it’s been more popular than ever this year. According to a trending news website Social Media Today downloads of the app have risen by 315% since the beginning of the year . BeReal allows you to share photos of yourself and your life, but with a catch, everyone is supposed to post once a day, at the same time. The app notifies users once a day at any time that it’s “Time To BeReal” A two minute timer starts when you open the app with a limited amount of time to take the picture. The app uses your front and back camera to capture the picture. 

Since the rise of this app everyone seems to be enjoying it. It really lets you express yourself through just taking a picture.

  “I love BeReal because you can see what everyone is doing in real time, and it’s cool to see other peoples perspectives in the app,” junior Addison Schmid said. 

One of the crazy things about BeReal is that it can go off at any moment in time wherever you are at but sometimes people have that one spot that they really want the BeReal to go off at

“I would love the BeReal to go off while I’m in the pits at school because there would be tons of people around so you can have more people join in your BeReal,” junior Julia Davenport said.  Sometimes when BeReal goes off people instantly get very excited about it. Other times  it can be difficult to get it right on time when you don’t have the best connection. 

“ i get kinda excited, “ Schmid said. “but sometimes it goes off during school and our internet isn’t very good, but I try my best to get it on time,”. While Schmid tries to get the photo to be taken on time it’s different for Davenport, “I instantly have to drop everything I’m doing and take the photo. 

While BeReal may be a fun and exciting app sometimes there are those tiny parts of just any app that some people just do not like, and makes them want to just delete it. 

“I don’t like how people are late and I get tons of notifications that they posted their BeReals late, it gets really annoying,” Davenport said. 

BeReal being one of the most used apps in the world right now, is very popular worldwide and for some people the app just lets them be themselves. 

“It really gives a real perspective of social media and shows what people actually do in their life,” schmid said.  

With the app being very popular right now Davenport thinks it’s a very trendy app and teenagers just enjoy using it. While Schmid and Davenoport both love using the BeReal app everyday they still enjoy using other apps rather than just BeReal. 

“Tiktok is definitely my favorite app ever, it’s very funny,” Davenport said.

BeReal is a very authentic and real app that really lets people express themselves.