Novena Chestnut, Journalism 1 Student

Hearing that special sound of victory: high fives, cheers, and words of praise passed around as a celebration.

Videos, tournaments, live events, conventions, even podcasts bring together a community of people alike, and make way to broadcast the playing of what some would call esports. With their popularity growing steadily, schools around the world have even begun implementing esports as an extracurricular activity. 

The students’ response to this was positive, with many joining and becoming part of the community.. “I like to game at home”, freshman esports member Jayden Blazka said, “And thought it would be fun.” 

For some students, the actual gaming aspect isn’t the most important part to them. The wide spread diversity of people seems to be enjoyed and cherished amongst the club members. “It’s been pretty fun so far.” Blazka said. “I’ve been able to meet new people, meet up with some old friends, and just all around have a good time.”

People aren’t just noticing the increase in their social skills, however, as many believe their emotional health has also been beneficially affected.”I think it’s helpful because people find good ways to take out anger instead of on people.” Blazka said. “Like during our past two tournaments that we’ve had were fighting games. It’s less physically harmful and definitely a healthier way of relieving stress.” 

School can be a stressful time for high school students, even more so students with multiple clubs or sports to go to after school. Meanwhile, esports is easy with time management and doesn’t require mandatory meets. ”Esports is a very casual club. It’s definitely more so to cater to people who like to hang out with other people who also share their interests rather than working towards a big project.” Senior Nadia Chestnut said. “It’s a chill club designed for people to gather with others who share common interests and just explore that and have fun meeting new people.”

Considering esports doesn’t require much besides good sportsmanship and a positive mentality, it is a great choice for antisocial and quiet people. “It definitely caters to introverts more.” Chestnut said. “People who don’t want to be super active or want to exert energy toward academic achievement, but wanna use their hobbies or skills they developed at home for a school activity that brings positivity to the idea of school.”

Win or lose, the club shows respect for one another and their competitors. With their acceptance of anyone and everyone, members make it a safe and comfortable environment to be in.