Construction of The Varsity Locker Rooms



Grace R., Journalism I Student

Locker Rooms hold memories all athletes will remember forever. Whether it was a pre game concert, or after an outstanding win or even a difficult defeat, the locker rooms will always have a special place in an Athlete’s heart. The Athletes and Coaches at Papillion-LaVista Highschool have been stripped of this luxury and the memories they’re missing out on due to the renovation of the old Locker Rooms which are being relocated. 

Pre-game rituals are a must for some athletes at PLHS, and almost always those rituals take place in the locker rooms. 

“During pre-game my volleyball team and I have songs we listen to full blast while we get ready, which we would normally do in the locker rooms.” Junior Julia Davenport said. 

The power of music is amazing especially for PLHS athletes. Although getting ready with music is a must, the locker room’s sole purpose is to be able to lock your things up and you not having to worry about anything getting lost or stolen. Athletes’ bags are not light, and many realized that this year. 

“The biggest downside is definitely having to carry our bags around, and having to get them from our cars after school for practice.” Davenport said.

For some students the impact of the locker rooms didn’t affect them and their attitudes towards their game.

“The renovation of the locker rooms didn’t really impact me, I just used them to get ready and get my mind right.” Junior Kamira Botos said.

Athletes here at PLHS bring lots of joy to the North side of the school where the gym is located, especially coming from the previous locker rooms. 

“Pre-games with the Girls Basketball team are always really fun, I make lots of memories in there and it’s always hype before games and after especially if we win.” Botos said.

Even though the locker rooms aren’t quite accessible yet, the athletes are extremely excited about their new and improved locker rooms. 

“I’m most excited for more room, and all the cool stuff that will be available for us to be prepared for games and practice in the locker rooms.” Botos said. 

The absence of the locker rooms is a struggle but the athletes at Papillion-LaVista highschool are making the most out of what’s to come.