Spirit Week

Miranda C, Journalism 1 Student

The homecoming court, the dance, the game, spirit week, and the homecoming post that follow that week. Students at Papillion LaVista High School start preparing for homecoming week. They are looking forward to the week ahead. 

Weeks before the students caught wind of what the themes for spirit week were. And for some their excitement started to rise as the thought of it being homecoming week set in. 

“Honestly I wasn’t excited, I was only excited for anything but a backpack and to see what everyone brought,” Sophomore Grace Reyes said.

The themes this year were polar opposites from last years. More people this year participated and made the whole week a blast. Dressing up to show school spirit is what the week is about. 

“For the first few I went pretty full out but Thursday, anything but a backpack I had no idea what to do so I did something basic like a target shopping basket,” Senior Gracyn Carper said. 

Students agree that there were some hard days to dress up and there were really easy days. The easy days most people participated and the harder days less people tried. 

“Anything but a backpack was the hardest and the easiest was to dress like your favorite family member,” Carper said.  

Students’ favorite part about homecoming week may be the different themes each day brings, or the games that awaits them at the end of the week, or the dance itself. 

“Honestly I was pretty excited just to see everyone dress up,” Carper said. 

But for others they are thinking about how much of a dreadful week this is going to be. 

“My first thought when I was walking in on Monday was that it was gonna be a long week,” Reyes said. 

For some this was their last homecoming week. So why not have the best possible time, and make it a memorable homecoming. 

“Do it and always do it. It’s so much fun and it’s to show school spirit even if you think you’re going to look dumb,” Carper said. “If other people aren’t dressed up their the ones that look dumb, not you.” 

As we get back to our non-exciting, non-themed school days, we are still thinking about another homecoming that has passed. We are left with the fun memories of the 2022 homecoming week that are still lingering with us as we await for the next homecoming.