Homecoming’s Flaws

Monarch’s 2022 Homecoming Dance experiences problems.


Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer

Homecoming, for the most part, is a fun-filled night. However, the most recent PLHS Homecoming was mainly considered bad. Instead of dragging on about how much of a flop Homecoming was, we need to provide solutions for the problems that appeared at Homecoming. 

On October 1st, PLHS had its 2022 Homecoming Dance. Most students joined the mosh pit of sweaty dancers, while others stood around conversing with friends.

The mosh pit was one of the problems that occurred at Homecoming. On the dance floor, towards the mosh pit, there was an excessive amount of sweat coating the floor. It did not help that most of the students had their shoes off, adding to the dirtiness of the floor.

An easy solution to the problem of the sweaty dance floor, is to revert back to last year’s Homecoming setting- The Titan’s foundation field. Having Homecoming at the foundation field again would provide a wide open space, which would lessen the amount of sweat produced. Plus, if Homecoming happens on a breezy night then that will keep students from overheating.

Another problem that occurred throughout Homecoming night was the DJ. The DJ had played music too low, when usually at Homecomings the music is turned all the up. Since the music was not loud enough, many students simply stood around unable to get into the dancing mood.

In order to gain more participation during future Homecoming dances or dances in general, the music will have to be turned all the way up. A better Homecoming playlist is needed too, so perhaps the school could issue a google form for students to put song suggestions on. If the students were allowed to pick the music it could lead to more students having fun and dancing. 

The school simply needs to allow its students to make suggestions as to what their Homecoming dance should be like, since the dance is for the students after all.