NHS Applications

Reagan M, Journalism I Student

This organization is more than just honor roll. Being a member is the true mark of academic achievement. It goes far beyond a report card. 


Juniors and Seniors at PLHS prepare their application for National Honor Society to be turned on Oct. 4, 2022 to hopefully join their academic peers during the 22’-23’ school year. 


Senior Elle McMillan is expected to show the panel of reviewers her exceptional display of leadership, service, character, and scholarship to receive an acceptance letter in late October. She explains the application process needed to be completed to join the National Honor Society.


“You need 5 letters of recommendations and you also need to write 2 essays, one about leadership and the other about character,” McMillan said. “You have to fill out your accomplishments, volunteer hours and you also have to put in your work experience.” 


McMillan was a basketball manager her Sophomore and Junior year as well as being a part of Zoo and Media Academy. She helped with vehicle day at the elementary school and helped put out signs for a local business selling mattresses which gave her the required 10 hours of community service needed to finish the application. 


“I meet all the requirements so I think I have a good chance of getting in,” McMillan said. “I am an excellent essay writer and I’m a good leader when it comes down to it.” 


We will hopefully see McMillan at the NHS inauguration process on Nov. 7, 2022. Senior treasurer Sarah Fey explains the process new members like McMillan will go through during the process.


“You dress in business attire, and the officers do a candle lighting ceremony,” Fey said. “One by one, you go up and get your certificate and then swear under oath.”


Fey has been a member of NHS for the past 2 years so she has great insight into what being in the organization is like. 


“NHS is a community based service organization,” Fey said. “It includes high school 

students, and gets them involved in the community with volunteer work.” 


Fey has a passion for helping her community through volunteering. NHS gives her the opportunity to volunteer more often. 


“ NHS is pretty fun,” Fey said. “Every meeting we do a drawing for two $5 Scooters gift cards and you also get to hang out with your friends when volunteering.” 


Fey plans to use NHS on her college applications to show her true academic achievement. She has now been in this organization for a while and is excited to welcome new members later in the year.