Spirit Week

Sammi R , journalism 1 student

Funny, Creative and even weird is what they saw through  the hallway during spirit week  from a toilet; to dress up like a dad .Spirit week is fun and creative to start getting their  spirit built up for the football game and the  homecoming dance. Spirit week has a different theme every day , Monday dress like your favorite  relative, Tuesday country v country club, Wednesday, Wednesday we wear pink , Thursday nothing but a backpack and last Friday was to show your school spirit by wearing monarch wear.  These themes were composed by the student council to get these students ready the week before the  homecoming dance. 

Spirit contains people dressing up for the theme that is that day many people use things from home , from friends or by going out and buying what they need to show their school spirit.

“ I used things from home but I know next year that I will go out and buy so it is a more enjoyable thing to do,” sophomore  Cadence Kwasniewski said. 

Including Kwasniewski and  Frisch most students  had a favorite theme between all the themes they like the Wednesday we wear pink and the anything but a backpack but they all in all were great themes. 

“ My favorite theme was Wednesday we wear pink because a lot more people did it, because it was really easy to do because most people have pink at home.” , Kwasniewski said. 

 Next , Anything but a backpack was very enjoyable to others because of the creative and funny things students brought. Many were kitchen appliances, yard work items or just random household things. Kwasniewski had many favorites to choose from that day.

“A lawn mower bag wsa my favorite thing I saw that  day  because my friend forgot she was allergic to grass so she was itchy all day which was very funny”. Kwasniewski said

Spirit week led to many people getting out of their comfort zone and dressing up by showing their school spirit with the day’s theme, which led to many people participating .

“ I believe there was a very good turnout for spirit week , and it was enjoyable to see everyone dressed up.’  Evie Frisch said. 

Spirit week gives people the opportunity to show their school spirit  by  dressing up for each theme . Frisch and Kwasniewski  really enjoyed seeing everyone dressed because they were really creative and funny , even Frisch  and Kwasniewski had fun themselves dressing up.