Spirit Week

Alyssa R , journalism 1 student

Spirit week at Papillion Lavista High school has brought many people together. Both students & staff experienced dressing up and contributing to the week’s events. 


  However, students not only had fun participating in the week’s events, but also supported breast cancer awareness along the way.



“ My favorite spirit week theme was wearing pink. I enjoyed participating in this theme because  it symbolized Breast Cancer Awareness & I was happy to see everyone contributing to this event as well,” freshman Sylvey Aokou said.


Spirit week itself got people out of their shell and almost the whole school participated in the week’s themes. 


“At first I wasn’t going to participate in spirit week, spirit week gave me an opportunity to express myself by being silly and having fun along the way,” freshman Ta’liyah-Bell said.


The themes for spirit week were really popular throughout the week, although certain themes got more attention than others.


“ I think the most popular theme from spirit week was anything but a backpack because everyone was super excited for this theme and brought funny backpacks,”  freshman Ta’liyah-Belle said.  


 Spirit week gave students something to look forward to on the week of homecoming. 


“ I was excited to come to school during spirit week. It made me look forward to homecoming a little bit more,,” freshman Sylvey Aokuo said.


Everyone had their own reasons for participating in spirit week. During this event, creativity fleed the school. 


“ I participated in spirit week because I would always come across videos of other schools doing fun activities and I always wanted to contribute to the events,” freshman  Ta’liyah- Belle said.


Many students and staff had a fun time contributing to spirit week. The week was filled with smiles and laughter, just what Papillion Lavista High school aims for. Who knows what next spirit week holds.