Metro Community College HOSA Experience


Evie F., Journalism 1 student

Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Physician Assistant, and Doctor, are just a few of the areas of healthcare that are explored at the Metro Community College experience. 

While healthcare has many different career paths, how does a student know what opportunities are available to them? The MCC conference was designed to help students understand what their opportunities are. Sophomore Josephine Tworek and Mrs. Katie Krieger are just some of the individuals who got to have the MCC experience on September 30, 2022. 

This is Krieger’s first year being involved as a supervisor with PLHS HOSA and attending the MCC conference along with many other students. This was an experience not to miss out on.

“The event was full and they even closed registration early due to the maximum number of students,” Krieger said. 

The Metro experience was packed with useful information. Many students benefited from this event and are influenced to succeed in life. 

“The Metro experience taught me a lot about healthcare and gave me a lot of  information about opportunities in college,” Tworek said. 

The MCC conference allowed students to understand their options for their future. Krieger liked that the MCC experience talked about the different health careers and she hopes it will influence and prepare the students in their future decisions. 

“I think we had a really great group of students and that the healthcare profession in the future will continue to grow and advance,” Krieger said.

The Metro experience not only taught about healthcare jobs and their importance, but also helped students learn leadership skills and the importance of working together in real life medical situations. 

“I learned to work well with other people and to get involved,” Tworek said. “This helps me know more about future opportunities.”

A great deal of information was learned and obtained at the MCC HOSA conference. This was an experience to look forward to. Tworek attended the event  to get involved and learn more about what they do.

“I think the MCC experience was a lot of fun and more people should join because it’s a really great opportunity,” Tworek said. “Taking it seriously can really help your future and determine what you want to do in life.”

At the Metro Community College experience, different healthcare professions are explored and introduced to students. Jobs in the medical field can be rewarding, but it’s hard to know which is best. Attending the MCC conference can influence students’ career path and help them prepare for the future.