A Fresh Coat of Paint for a Fresh Start

Students paint a new mural at PLHS.


Emily Smith, Staff Writer

A new mural is in the works here at PLHS in the art hallway. The mural will feature a sunset and water tower with ‘Monarchs’ written across it. Each letter will contain individual artworks that describe what our school is about.  

The mural is a collaborative effort, taking the place of a previous artwork that used to cover the walls of the art wing. 

“It’s a new version of what our school actually represents,” senior Hailey Shin said. “The old mural was made a really long time ago and it just needed an upgrade.”

Shin is one of the students working on the mural. There are 3 others working on it as well: seniors Mia Alexander, Jaiden Gaylord, and junior Caroline Carrico. Students were asked by art teacher Mr. Shawn Blevins if they would like to participate. 

“I just decided, hey, that’s a great project for me to be involved in,” Shin said. 

Everyone contributing to the mural is also enrolled in Studio Art, a high level art class for those serious about art. These students work on the mural both during class and in their own free time. 

“Since all the kids who are in Studio Art are in one class, we can all work on it during that class period together,” said Shin. “During teacher work days, or when we have days off of school, we get together and work on it for a couple of hours as well.”

One might assume that this collaboration of skilled minds might cause disagreements, but Alexander feels that they work quite well together. 

“Since there’s like four people working on it, it goes by faster and it’s been really fun connecting doing this project,” Alexander said. 

The mural is going well so far with only small inconveniences like the potential of running out of paint. One slight issue though is with how tall the walls are, it can be a bit challenging to paint.

“We have to use ladders to get all the way up there and sometimes we fall,” Alexander said. 

Despite this, the students involved are still enjoying themselves. 

“I think it’s really fun, especially seeing all of the progress. That’s been really cool,” Alexander said. 

The mural isn’t expected to be complete until after December, according to Shin, but visible progress can already be seen.

“It’s turning out really great,” Shin said. “We haven’t started on the individual letters yet but the background is almost done.”

Working on the mural is a great opportunity for these students to show off their art and leave their mark on the school while also helping to give the art hallway a fresh look.