Jeopardy for High Schoolers

Quiz bowl, a trivia style club, begins its competition season.

Jeopardy for High Schoolers

If you enjoy watching jeopardy and have contemplated participating in it, look no further, because PLHS has just the club for you. 

Quiz bowl started its competition season on Saturday, October 29th at Ralston High School and is looking for new members every week.

While quiz bowl competitions don’t actually consist of jeopardy style questions (nor do they have thousands of dollars on the line), they are just as fun to watch and, according to senior Noah Selph, the co-captain of quiz bowl, they’re also fun to  participate in. 

“I joined [quiz bowl] at my old school and continued membership at this current school,” Selph said. “My language arts teacher was the quiz bowl instructor and he would do trivia questions and I kind of realized, ‘hey I think I’ve got a handle on this.”

Despite being immersed into the club at a totally new school, Selph got into the groove of things very quickly.

“We’ll meet in Madame Halligan’s room and arrange the desks similar to a competition,” Selph said. “And from there, we just run through what a competition would look like.” 

These competitions cover a wide range of topics.

“There’s math, science, lots of literature, lots of history, and then there will be pop culture and some current events,” Selph said. “It can be many different things.”

While general knowledge of these topics is vital for success in this club, it also requires skill beyond that. 

“A teacher or sometimes a student will run us through basic questions that might come up just to practice response time and quick thinking,” Selph said. 

Participation for quiz bowl is not selective at all.

“Basically anybody can join and we’ll meet up and just practice,” Selph said. 

A bit of healthy competition is always fun, and even when there’s no money to win, it feels good to know you know more.