Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Seniors face the challenge of choosing whether or not to stay in state.


Emily Smith

A wall in the counseling center shows the college choices of seniors.

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

Choosing where a student wants to spend the next four years of their life is one of the hardest decisions they will make. With thousands of universities out there, the options are endless. 

The biggest question in this process is whether to stay in state or go out of state. Both are great options each having their own pros and cons. 

One student who has navigated through this decision is senior Ginnie Walton. She plans to attend University of Nebraska Omaha.

“If I have a good college right in my backyard, I might as well go there instead of somewhere way across the country away from my family,” Walton said.

For a long time Walton was split between in state versus out of state, but decided on UNO due to its bioinformatics program and the in state costs. 

“I wanted that sense of independence, but also wanted to not be in debt forever,” Walton said. 

Another student figuring out this tough decision is senior Ava Zuerlein whose top choices of universities are out of state, including Loyola University Chicago, Loyola Marymount University, and Fordham University

“It’s more of a I don’t like Nebraska very much,” Zuerlein said. 

Zuerlein wishes to study journalism noting that many of the good programs are out of state which she finds cool

“It’s something that will give me a fresh start and a new opportunity to be able to get out there and be an individual by myself.

Out of state is the ideal choice for many students, providing the individualism students crave. Though with as much independence as it gives you, adventuring far off can be a nerve-wracking experience.

“What if I don’t like it? I won’t know until I go, which was really scary,” Zuerlein said. 

Despite the apprehension that comes along with choosing a university, there is no wrong choice in this matter as what is best for one student might not be right for another. Whether a student decides to stay or go, there is a great future waiting for them.