Spanish Club

One of PLHS Spanish Club’s officers tells what activities happens during Club meetings.

At PLHS, once a month, students a part of the Spanish Club come together in Mrs. Wittrig’s room in order to learn about Spanish culture and topics alike.

The Spanish Club has four officers, Hailey Shin, Kaitlyn Vuong, Ellen Pham and Dannika Rees. The Officers have the opportunity to choose what their roles are for every meeting. One day they may be preparing an activity, and another they could be presenting the activity to everyone

“Sometimes I’m the one who has to prepare it,” Senior Hailey Shin said. “Other times I’m the one who has to introduce it.”

Each meeting brings something new and exciting to the Spanish Club and its members. For example one day they may be learning about Spanish culture and history, while another they might be creating traditional Spanish arts and crafts.

“We just do things that kind of embrace the Spanish culture,” Shin said. “Somedays we’re learning about the history.”

There aren’t any upcoming events regarding Spanish Club, however that does not mean that the meetings won’t be fun to attend. If a student has free time I highly recommend that they attend a Spanish Club meeting, since the club will teach you about a culture that you may have no prior knowledge about. If you want to learn and have fun then talk to Mrs. Wittrig and join the Spanish Club.