A Not So Enchanting Sequel

The sequel to “Enchanted” lands on Disney+ after 15 years.


Emily Smith, Staff Writer

Sequels are a tricky business. They can either result in a wonderful masterpiece better than the original or an underwhelming cash grab. “Disenchanted” unfortunately falls into the latter category.

Directed by Alan Shankman, this continuation tells the next chapter of  “Enchanted,” exploring what comes after happily ever after. The film picks up a few years into Giselle and Robert’s marriage, played by Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. With a new baby and Morgan, played by Gabriella Baldacchino, now a teenager, they have decided to move to the suburban town of Monroeville. 

This highly anticipated follow-up fails to deliver on various fronts. The storyline comprises a multitude of cliches from fairy tales, just like the first film, but unlike the charming way “Enchanted” accomplished this, “Disenchanted” feels uninspired and forced. 

The most disappointing aspect of the film, however, is the animated scenes. The original film’s had beautiful animation that emphasized the difference between Andalasia and the real world while the animation of the sequel feels like a letdown even to the untrained eye. Instead of being a callback to classic Disney animated films, these scenes are more reminiscent of a cheap kids cartoon. 

The movie does better on the other technical aspects though. The music, composed by Alan Menken, is catchy and adds some much needed energy to the film. The movie is also very pleasing to the eye and features some great costuming. 

“Disenchanted” works at its most basic level, a simple children’s movie, nothing more and nothing less. It just doesn’t live up to the original like most sequels. It might have been better to leave the storybook shut rather than opening it back up.