A Fresh Start

Show Choir students take on their first competition of the year, and create new friendships and experiences.


Ellen Pham

Senior James Rasser hits a pose during premier night.

Izzy Gerharter, Photography Editor

New beginnings, songs, members, and costumes. PLHS Show Choirs, Monarchy, Heart and Soul, and Free Spirit took on their first competition at Gretna this past weekend, where they displayed their new shows for the first time this competition season. 

Junior Cassidy Welsh has been a Free Spirit Member since her sophomore year, and one of the recurring themes of show choir is the early call times and getting ready process for both the band and singers. 

“Since free spirit doesn’t usually perform until late afternoon, I normally curl my hair at home before I get to the competition,” Welsh said. “Throughout the day I will put it in the hairstyle we are supposed to have and then do my makeup. It is pretty easy and it’s fun to get ready with everyone.”

Every competition brings new memories and experiences for both new and old members of the show choir community. With the early mornings and late nights together, the members of both the show choir and the band form new friendships and bonds throughout the season. 

“I am most excited to just spend time with the people I love,” Welsh said. “I have a pretty busy schedule, but having an entire day that I can see my friends and teammates is awesome.”

The lesser recognized section of the show choir group is the show band that joins the choir mid season, typically around November. The group assists the performers in increasing the energy and providing music to dance to. 

“[The band] plays during dance breaks during the show,” Welsh said. “They are a huge asset to our group because they make everyone dance harder and better. They also really add excitement to the show and for a song they even get to play on stage.”

Free spirit coming back from winning grand champions at two of their competitions last year, aspire to impress the judges and take home more championships this season. Not only will the shows continue to progress the season, but the friendships built within the 2022-2023 season will last a lifetime.