Relaxation? More Like Dedication.


Halsted finishes his stroke and hits the ball over to his opponent.

Avery Wolfe, Staff Writer

The term “offseason” for an athlete is not only a word meaning a time for rest and rejuvenation, but more importantly, a time for cultivating new skills and working to strengthen skills already known. After being amidst the chaos of being in season, where it feels like it’s all “go, go, go,” having a relaxed time is crucial for the development of an athlete. 

During the interlude of their main season, many athletes, including tennis players, will be found devoting their precious time to clinics and lessons, in preparation for their next and upcoming season. 

This year, sophomore varsity tennis player Seth Halsted has been participating in instructions from local tennis pro, Rick Faust. 

“I found out about [the program] because of older people in high school who have been going to them,” Halsted said. 

Some athletes see their time off in a full relaxation mode, full of composure and calmness. What makes a truly dedicated athlete, however, is being able to balance that peace with improvement. 

“[Offseason] is the best time to get better because there’s not a lot of kids at practice,” Halsted said. “You can focus on yourself more.”

Many professionals may argue that “to be the best, you must play the best.” After trials and experiences, athletes can often vouch for that, too.

“I’m playing against better people,” Halsted said. “So you [have to] get more consistent to match them.” 

It can be difficult to stay persistent, but those who find themselves working year-round are widely seen and known when it’s time for the season once more. 

“I won’t be coming in rusty,” Halsted said. “So while everyone’s trying to get back into it, I’ll be more ready.” 

Though it is incredibly important to give their body and mind a rest after hardcore work for weeks on end, it’s also important as an athlete to take advantage of their free time. In result, their growth will be unmatched and their game will be better than ever.