Rinse and Repeat

Senior Noah Selph describes what it’s like to be a part of a military family.


Noah and his brother Hudson Selph in front of their father’s sub.

Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer

Move, make friends, and repeat. This is what a military kid’s life is like. When a child has a parent who is in the military they are forced to move around and switch schools quite a bit. This can be a struggle for some and easier for others it just depends on the person. Noah Selph a senior at Monarchs has had to go through the process of moving a numerous amount of times.

Although moving around can be a hard time, it still has it’s fun side which is getting to experience so many different environments throughout your adolescence and teen years.

“I’d say Italy or Japan because both of them were very unique in their own way,” Selph said. “I didn’t get to experience as much of Japan as I would have liked, because we lived there during the pandemic but I still got a unique experience.”

Selph has lived in six different states and three different countries. Having lived in so many places conveys that he has attended a large number of schools within a short span of time, and has had the opportunity to meet various people.

“I’ve gotten very used to it [moving around], and it can be a challenge in some places and easier in others,” Selph said. “It just depends on what type of people are there, and how you can work with them to insert yourself into your new environment.”

Throughout Selph’s life as a military kid he has learned how to easily integrate himself into new environments. Selph had advice for others apart of military families on how to adapt to different environments.

“Get out there and be bold and if you develop the skills to make friends earlier on and be sociable, it’ll really pay out throughout the rest of your childhood and adult years,” Selph said.

No matter what, adapting to a new environment is always tough, this is what military families have to go through most of their lives. Luckily at Monarchs we have welcoming staff and students for any and all military kids that come in and out of our school.