Sprinters are Ready to Spike Up


The nerves in your stomach as you wait for your heat to be called. Setting your blocks as you wait with anticipation for them to call you to your mark. This is a feeling many sprinters are familiar with.

As Spring approaches many students are excited for the start of another track season. The student athletes at Papillion High School train hard in hopes of new achievements and personal records to come. The sprint team at PLHS is just one of the few track event groups anxious for the start of another exciting season.

While it can be easy to complain about the difficult workouts or the long practices, many appreciate being able to workout with their teammates and coaches. They know the benefits of a good team and how it can positively impact their season.

“The coaches help better my performance, and my teammates make my track season even more fun,” sprinter and junior Ally Truax said.

Along with bringing more fun to practices the sprinters find their coaches and teammates motivate them.

“They make me want to work harder and show them that I can keep up with them,” sprinter and sophomore Grace Carlson said.

While track season is fun it definitely brings with it challenges for the competing athletes. These challenges come in many different forms, from nerves to injuries, but it is something all athletes experience.

“The hardest part of track is the anxiety I feel before I run my heat, and the feeling in my body after I run my hardest,” Traux said.

Not only is the sport itself challenging, but also the space used by the track athletes can be found frustrating.

“It’s tough when it gets really crowded and the workout area gets really humid, especially when we’re inside,” Carlson said.

Even with its challenges, track has given many athletes a better idea of competition and who they compete for.

“My biggest enemy is myself. The only thing that truly matters is if I try my hardest and am content with how I perform, not if I win or lose every meet,” Traux said

Many of the sprinters gain more than just good form and speed and PLHS. They also learn important values from their time training and competing.

“Teammates and friendship. That is a big part of it. The courage and the ability to not give up and continue pushing on even if it is hard,” Carlson said.

To many students at PLHS spring is more than just a season or a reminder that summer has almost arrived. It is a time for them to compete in the sport they love.