Summertime Schooling

Summer School, though dreaded by most, might just be what is needed to help close the learning gap.


Hayden Hatch, Staff Writer

For some students the end of the school year is their favorite time of the year; however, for others that may be behind in class, it brings fear. That fear is summer school. Summer School is a program that the schools run to help students that are falling behind.

Summer school is effective, but students may not see it that way. Students may see it as a punishment and cruel for taking their summer away. Although it can be seen as cruel it is still an effective way to help students.

Summer school has been proven to be effective for the students that try, and has many pros. It has been proven to work and keep students from forgetting the material that they learn in regular school.

Without summer school, students that have fallen behind would be unable to succeed in school and potentially not graduate high school. Instead of having kids do Tuesday or Thursday school why not just have them do summer school, it would be more effective and beneficial for the students.

Summer school can also prove to be beneficial to students that aren’t behind because it helps keep students on task and in a learning environment and mood. Even if you attend it for a small amount of time it can still be a good experience.

Summer schooling also helps students keep in touch with one another and keeps them socially active. Over the summer students tend to do their own thing and not keep in touch with others a lot, but with summer school this can change.

Do yourself a favor today and ask to be enrolled in summer school. Whether you’re falling behind in credits and classes, or just want a new experience, summer school could be the solution for you.