No More Motivation

Motivation lacks throughout the school year, no matter one’s grade level.


Annie Waldman, Opinion Editor

Students in Algebra II work out problems from worksheets on the classroom wall.


On the first full day of school, there is a mix of emotions hanging over the crowd. The consensus though is that students do not want to be going back to the demanding school day.  

Why is it that students are generally not excited to go back to school? Students lose motivation from a young age, which ruins their entire high school experience.  

On the first week of freshman year, I was so nervous about getting lost on my way to class that I was not that focused on the work that school demands. By the second week, I was completely over school, and most of my friends felt the same way. After asking a group of straight- A kids why they were so unmotivated, I realized that hard classes were the common denominator. Hard classes forces kids to burn out, because they are so time consuming that students can not focus on things they actually want to do.

Every year after that, it seems like motivation declines and procrastination rises throughout the coming months. Since senioritis is an excuse for not getting homework done, can freshman-itis be a thing too? I doubt seniors can solely lay claim to the lack of motivation.

Motivation is something that a lot of students deal with every school year, it is not just a senior problem.  Lack of motivation starts out freshman year, and sticks with students the rest of their high school life.