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Ivy League Trained

Senior Saray Bedoya attended Princeton University for a summer education program.

Saray Bedoya smiles with her program peers as they visit numerous universities.

Saray Bedoya smiles with her program peers as they visit numerous universities.

Saray Bedoya smiles with her program peers as they visit numerous universities.

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Opportunity can be a hit and miss matter. The chance to achieve a better future may depend on a person’s perseverance to “seize the moment.” However, for some high school students, money can thwart dreams, but that is why certain opportunities in life can help one overcome this obstacle and lead to unforgettable experiences.

Senior Saray Bedoya was accepted into a seven-week long program through the Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America to study a plethora of topics which will lead her to a better college education.

She first learned about the experience through her College Possible coach because she qualified for the program.

A total of 100 students were selected across the United States to attend the program at Princeton University. Each were assigned one-on-one mentors.

“They helped us raise our ACT score and write at the college level,” Bedoya said.

At first Bedoya was worried that she would be in an environment where all she would do is study; however, Bedoya was delightfully surprised when this was not the case.

“We had parties every Friday,” Bedoya said. “I experienced community for the first time.”

Bedoya also traveled to other states to visit universities like Columbia, Georgetown, and Johns Hopkins.

“My favorite thing was hearing about other people’s stories; I met students from Alaska and Hawaii,” Bedoya said.

As the seven-week long program came to an end, Bedoya had to say goodbye to her newly made friends.

“I wish more people could have the opportunity like I did,” Bedoya said.

Students, like Bedoya, are many of whom look forward to the future and never give up their dreams by taking any opportunity that they can.

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