Homecoming Preparations

Evelyn Brilz

Dancing, high heels, dresses, tuxes and corsages are all associated with Homecoming. It is a dance that freshmen dream of going to, and seniors hope to win Homecoming king or queen.

PLHS’s Student Council has been hard at work for the past month getting everything set up for Homecoming. 

With the pandemic that started in 2020, there was not able to be a Homecoming last year and it was the first time it has ever been canceled. With this cancellation, many were disappointed, especially English teacher Ms. Margaret Skradski, the assistant leader of the student council. 

“Oh, it was so sad,” Skradski said. “I do think that is a big part of high school traditions in our country… for kids to be able to get dressed up and have that outside of school, non academic socialization.”

With Homecoming being earlier than it has the past couple of years, the student council has had less time for planning and preparations. 

  “We are doing fast work,” Skradski said. “We are really excited about the decorations we have, and the ideas that students are bringing to the table. I think it is going to be great.”

The student council throws it back 100 years with a roaring theme of the 20’s. Leading up to the weekend is spirit week as well.

The styles go along with the Great Gatsby, Hollywood and art deco. Spirit week will not start on Monday as it is Labor day, and so it starts off with Tropical Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, throwback Thursday and a monarch spirit day on Friday.

  As always with a Homecoming, music is a necessity to have a great time. 

“Yeah we are gonna have a DJ,” Skradski said. “Most DJ’s allow kids to recommend songs that are school appropriate.” 

Having a date to Homecoming is the exciting part of going to Homecoming, and for some, their dates are from other schools. 

“The guidelines are no one younger than ninth grade and no one older than 20,” Skradski said. “They would need to get a form signed, and the forms are with Mrs. Elders in the bookstore, and they need to be turned in by Friday, September 10th.”

With the new mask mandate in place, Homecoming is taking place outside at Foundation Field from 8 to 11 p.m. 

“No masks are required, and you can wear heels, just not on the turf,” Skradski said. 

For two out of four grades, this will be their first Homecoming since beginning high school. It will be a new experience for last year’s sophomores as well since it is at Foundation Field. Homecoming is on Sat., Sep. 11 and hopefully it fulfills the dreams of freshmen and the ambition of seniors.