Brewing With a Purpose

PLHS DECA collaborates with The Beanery to raise money for their organization.



Students eagerly wait in line for their coffee from The Beanery truck.

Reilly Healey, Editor-in-Chief

It takes something very extraordinary to get students to sacrifice a significant amount of sleep and arrive early to school on a late-start day. On Wednesday, November 16, this rare feat was accomplished at PLHS. 

The Beanery, a local coffee shop, brought a coffee truck for students and staff members to start their early mornings off right with delicious coffee. Each coffee was brewed with a purpose, as 10% of The Beanery’s profits that day went towards PLHS DECA.

The collaboration of both organizations created for a perfect fundraiser, with The Beanery providing services that were just what students and staff were yearning for.

“It was a big hit, there being only a couple drinks helped a lot, and the price being constant was good too,” junior DECA officer Ava Zuerlein said.

This coffee truck experience was a success, but an unpredictable one. The amount of students there surprised leaders from both organizations, which truly shines a light on the positive student involvement at PLHS.

“The day of, the line was super long and The Beanery was only planning to be here for an hour, but instead they were here for about 2 and a half hours,” DECA advisor Ms. O’Dowd said. “The owner from The Beanery told me that they were not planning on having that many students showing up and so he said he would have had another worker come, so he was pretty shocked  by it too, which overall is a great thing.”

From the help of coffee-crazed students, both The Beanery and PLHS DECA were able to leave the fundraiser with a victory. This event alone proves that local businesses and PLHS DECA can create an unstoppable team in the future for more memorable events at the Monarch campus.

“We definitely want to work with The Beanery again because we raised a lot of money for our DECA chapter that will fund some of the activities that we do. We want to stay local with businesses that reside in our community as we both can support each other,” O’Dowd said. “The Beanery will be back and we’ll see who is up next on our list.”

With the motivation and creativity found within the leadership at PLHS, the occasion of waking up early in the morning may soon become less rare.