A Time for Celebration!

Honors Night will be on May 7th in the North Gym, be sure to come see all the seniors!


Lily Allpress

Honors Night!

Lily Allpress, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

If you’re like me, any mention of scholarships and congratulations is an awkward experience. Some would call it modest, I guess…but, it is always nice to honor the achievements and accomplishments of the hardworking students attending PLHS for the last time. Honors Night is a night to acknowledge these students and the plethora of scholarships they have been awarded.  

Honors Night is on May 7th at 7:00 PM and it is to honor both scholarships and students who have enlisted in the military.  

“[There are] 200 kids this year and just over 13 million dollars in scholarship money,” Mrs. Vickie Bradley said. 

That number is not including scholarships that were not awarded prior to the count, such as the Goodrich and Buffet Scholarship, which have just been awarded. Due to this, that amount of scholarship money can only go up.  

“We have so many students every year getting scholarships that we have to move it to the North Gym,” Mrs. Ann Herbener said. 

So far, over half of the senior class has received scholarships and each year it continues to rise, showing the true dedication of PLHS students.  

“[My favorite part is] lining them all up because you can see how many seniors have received scholarships,” Herbener said.  

“My favorite part is seeing how excited all the parents are,” Bradley said. 

Honors Night is a night to celebrate and recognize the seniors who have received various scholarships to the colleges of their choice. Parents, teachers, and students will be excited to see how many PLHS seniors have been awarded scholarships.