The Balance of High School


Student lives have evolved more than ever with what they balance on a daily. From waking up bright and early, getting ready, going to school for 7 hours, then going home to homework, sports, and even a job some days. Two students show just how important it is to balance social life and work life in high school. 

Sophomore Kaylon Urzendowski and Senior Gracyn Carper say having a job is fun. 

“I work at Fitness, which is a kids American Ninja Warrior gym,” Urzendowski said. “I think my job is super fun. I get to work with kids all the time and it’s pretty laid back.”

Jobs can be fun at this age but they can also be stressful on top of a busy schedule. 

“I love my job but sometimes it becomes hectic working with elderly,” Carper said. “There’s not a lot of free time in my schedule, especially doing studio dance and high school dance team so when I do work I cherish it.” 

Urzendowski can relate to Carper with her busy schedule, as she only works on weekends due to her busy schedule throughout the week with school and practice.

“Sometimes it’s hard to go to work because weekends are when I want to be social and hang out with friends,” Urzendowski said. “Then I remember why I work and how much it helps me on a daily basis.” 

Many important aspects of life can be learned from a job. Some of the most important ones being communication and time management.  

“I’ve really learned that you have to communicate with people when you’re working as a team for the hours you’re at work,” Carper said. “Making my own food and taking care of eldery it’s important to have everything right and that all comes with teamwork.” 

Time management was Urzendowski’s biggest lesson.

“When I’m running kids parties it’s important everything runs on time so I don’t go over for the next party. Having time management at work has helped me improve outside of work, like not being late to 6am practice so I don’t let my team down.” 

Even though you may think you don’t have time in your schedule for a job, consider looking around for something small. Even just a couple hours will rack you up some money. And hey, who doesn’t want that?