Kyler’s Fantasy Focus Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Outlook

Kyler's Fantasy Focus Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Outlook

Kyler Choquette, Staff Writer

November 1, 2018

Week 8 Recap  Starts  . Phillip Lindsay- Exploded for 17 points proving a more than worthy start.  . Marlon Mack- Had a phenomenal week with 26.9 points and was the second week in a row he scored 25 plus points.  . Cooper Kupp- Did not end up playing last minute due to his knee but ...

Spooktacular Costume Inspiration

Creepy Doll Mask: Chloe Grimm

Chloe Grimm, Staff Writer

October 30, 2018

What You Can Bring for Trick-or-Treat so Tots Can Eat

Kaylen Maltais, PLPulse Editor-in-Chief

October 29, 2018

Click to enlarge the picture to see what goodies you can bring to help out this Halloween! Remember, all of these items are acceptable to bring for a discounted admission to the Haunted House tonight and tomorrow at 6-9 pm in the fine arts wing!

Young Americans

Young Americans

Emma Betts, Staff Writer

September 24, 2018


Atop the Podium

Junior drum major Amy Roach directs the band through pregame.

Rachel Pham, Staff Writer

September 7, 2018

Halftime: a time that gives football players and members of the audience a chance to settle down from the intense atmosphere of continuous plays and cheers. The band hustles down to the turf, eager to showcase all they have worked for. For three members of the Monarch marching band, however, halftime...

PSA: It’s the Freshmen

Some students become very irritated when there is a big crowd that blocks their way in the hallway.

Hannah Shin, Staff Writer

September 5, 2018

There’s always that one hallway in the school where no one moves for a good, solid minute, and it’s caused by a common factor: freshmen. They are always in everyone’s way, and it can get really irritating. But everyone's been a freshman; everyone has been just as bad as it is now. Upperclassmen, such as sophomore Trystan Wahl, stru...

Previewing the Glamour

Senior Christine Robino sings Free Spirit's ballad

Vincent Lin, Staff Writer

August 31, 2018

For a group that doesn't even earn a PE credit, Free Spirit sure sheds a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  Free spirit, the varsity show choir at PLHS, had their premier night this summer on July 20, showing off their progress to friends, families, and peers. Ever since then, a lot of im...

The March-a-thon

Senior drum majors Jace Armstrong and Sabrina Buls lead the marching band through the neighborhoods.

Owen Sumter, Staff Writer

August 31, 2018

 It’s a late August day, with scorching temperatures and cloudless skies. The perfect day to go swimming or just stay inside... or march across La Vista?  On Saturday, August 25th, the PLHS marching band paraded 6.2 miles through neighborhoods near the school, playing parade tunes and game ban...

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