Halloween Memes

Alexandria A

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The air bites at what little exposed skin she has. The bright, vibrant colors of the summer long gone, instead made into dull browns and greys. Chills run down her spine as she walks down the sidewalk, the air cold and unforgiving on her exposed hand. She didn’t care, though, she was much too preoccupied. She smiled at her phone screen, one hand in her jacket pocket. An outsider would think she was texting a special someone, but rather, she was looking at spooky Halloween memes. 

The month of October signifies the first comings of autumn weather. The weather is colder and drier, a big difference from the month before. Another difference is the memes that October brings. October, the month of Halloween, is labeled as not only the coming of autumn, but the coming of spooky season as well. Spooky season comes with spectacularly spooky memes as well. 

Many people enjoy October for one reason or another. Whether it be Halloween or the cold weather, everyone has their opinions. The opinions of sophomores Abigail Shih and Hayley Moree are the ones that most people their age will share – their love for the memes. 

“I love memes because they make me laugh and I like being able to connect with people through memes,” Moree said.  

Plenty of people enjoy all types of memes, but Halloween brings an entirely new batter up to the ring – skeleton themed memes. October, being the month of the holiday, is loved by many for this reason. 

“I love October, it’s officially spooky season,” Moree said. “I really like creepy things, so I love it.” 

Halloween is fun, and not very many people will argue about that. Some people are Halloween fanatics and go completely overboard, but with Moree that’s not the case. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m a Halloween fanatic, but I do enjoy getting into spirit,” Moree said. “The holiday itself isn’t that great, but I like the weeks leading up to it.” 

The weeks leading up to it can only mean memes, right? Plenty of people disagree, but others will say that memes are the most important part of Halloween, or anything really. 

“I love memes,” Shih said. “I think it’s cool that almost everyone has access to them and they can be spread across the internet so quickly.” 

Of course, not everyone celebrates Halloween. For some people, the month of October has no significance. For Shih, though, it means everything. 

“October is one of my favorite months,” Shih said. “I love autumn and Halloween.” 

Lots of people love Halloween, except for those that don’t celebrate it. In 2010 there was an estimated 41 million people who went trick-or-treating in America and most of them enjoyed it. 

“I enjoy Halloween and the idea of it,” Shih said. “I like having and excuse to eat boatloads of candy and dress up in dorky costumes.” 

Halloween is great, probably one of the most popular holidays in America. Memes are great, everyone loves them if they can understand them. Put them together, and you get the spookiest month of the year. 

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