The Brightside of CHI

The Lumineers perform in Omaha after two years leaving no one disappointed.


The CHI Center while The Lumineers perform “Slow it Down”.

Elle Roth, Staff Writer

In 2020, The Lumineers announced and started ticket sales for their tour, and in February 2022, they finally went on it. 

The now six member indie/alternative band finally hit the road again after months and months of rescheduling. In 2005, founding members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites started the band and have only gotten better every year since. During the 2 year gap of no touring, The Lumineers got together and wrote and released a new album, “Brightside,”, in January 2022. 

The Lumineers brought “The Brightside Tour” to Omaha on Aug. 16 at the CHI Health Center. They opened with “Brightside,” hence the tour theme, and brought emotion the second they stepped on the stage.

As the show went on, they explained the depth and origin of some of their most heart wrenching songs, such as “Slow it Down” and “Where We Are.” They even remixed “Leader of the Landslide”, arguably one of the saddest songs, with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, which initially threw the audience off but ended up being a big hit. 

The band’s music is very expressive and the group does a good way of emphasizing that in every way. Their complex set changes after just about every song gave the room an idea of what they were supposed to be feeling during that song.

 During “Slow it Down” a huge orange planet was lowered into the middle of the stage and the room turned a dark red,making you feel like your emotions were being intensified. On the contrary, during “Birthday” the stadium turned purple and pink while confetti was thrown everywhere, making everyone feel excited about one thing we could all relate to having.

Though I didn’t have floor seats, the show was amazing and they did a perfect job of making sure that everyone who attended could enjoy it from any seat.