Homecoming FNL


Cadence K, Journalism 1 Student

In 2022, on Friday September 30, the annual PLHS Homecoming football game took place.  The athletes, ready to win; the band, ready to play; the dance team, ready to perform; cheer, ready to cheer. The stands as always, roaring with fans and supporters. 

One of the things most high schoolers look forward to is homecoming. The events leading up to it also make it worth the while. Starting off with spirit week, with all fun themes and colors. Then on Friday the school comes together to celebrate at the pep rally in honor of kicking off the one and only, homecoming football game. One of the few games where everyone is there in the stands supporting the team and cheering really loud. Let’s see how these PLHS students enjoyed the game in the stands and on the field. 

Every high schooler at PLHS knows you can’t show up to a Monarch football game without dressing up according to the theme of the week. This homecoming game, the theme was jerseys. Students at PLHS explain the different ways you can get ready.

“I changed into my outfit for the game and had dinner with friends.” sophomore Evie Frisch said. 

A PLHS cheerleader tells us the teams traditions with football games.

“I drove me and my friends to a cheer car party, which is where we eat, get ready, and take pictures,” sophomore Emmie Hall said. “Then we head to the stadium while blasting music to hype us up.” 

While at the game the stands are buzzing with anticipation knowing that homecoming was the next day.

“It felt unreal to me, because homecoming came fast.” Hall said. 

Nerves and feelings were finally shining through the crowd.

“As the night went on, I was feeling excited and nervous for homecoming.” Frisch said. 

Everyone has been to a regular Friday Night Lights (FNL) football game this year, but not for any celebration, so does this football game feel any different?

“Yes, there was more tension and excitement knowing homecoming was the next day.” Frisch said. 

On the field could you feel the excitement from the stands?

“Yes, because more people were hype knowing homecoming was the next day.” Hall said. 

After the annual homecoming game, and a victory, the crowd is filled with emotions and the players are running to the locker room to chant and congratulate each other. Everyone on the Monarch side is going home with smiles on their faces and going to be dreaming about homecoming the next day.