Homecoming Preparation

Emmie H, Journalism 1 Student

Some people might meet at a friend’s house or public place to take pictures and then go out to eat before they had to dance.


“The parents of my friends and I took us to take pictures at one of our friends’ houses because none of us are able to drive,” Coozenny said. “ We took some individual pictures and some group pics which was fun because we could see how we all looked”.


You can’t go to homecoming without going out to eat, you could go somewhere fancy or somewhere with good fast food.


“ My friends and I went to a Mexican restaurant called El Vallarta,” Vitera said. “ We chose to go there because it sounded good and it was close to the school”. 


Meanwhile Ashlyn and her friends went to a restaurant farther from the school.


“My friends and I chose to go to Osaka because we wanted to make our dinner fancy,” Coozenny said . “ We heard from some of the upper class men that it was a good restaurant to go to for homecoming because they cooked in front of us”.


Homecoming can be a fun activity once you finally get to the school and have a blast with your friends or a date. The preparation part is always the hardest part.


“Plan everything out months before and do not wait until the day of to make plans,” Coozenny said. “For me I like to have a plan and schedule or at least something to go along with so that I am prepared. Homecoming was the only school activity I  had been looking forward to my whole freshman year so it had to be somewhat special and put together”.    


For some people it is necessary to plan everything months ahead of time, while for others they do everything last minute.