Valentine’s Day: Is It a Corporate Holiday?

OPINION BY: Lily Allpress, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of PLPulse

January 31, 2019

 Where the heck did Valentine’s Day come from? The holiday of “love” seemingly came out of nowhere with its heart boxes filled with chocolates, flowers, and expensive gifts. People spend so much money on a random holiday for “love," but is there really a meaning behind it besides the overhan...

Show Choir Groups Take on Competition Season

Mikayla Galgerud performs with Free Spirit at the UNL Midwest Cup on January 12th.

Ashley Mason, News Editor

January 31, 2019

Starting the day at 6am, they gather up the colorful costumes and begin voice exercises before heading out to different schools in the state to sing their heart and soul out. This is how the typical morning goes for the show choir students that go compete in rigorous competitions.  For senior Wyatt Terrebonne, a bass on the varsity show choir ensemble, Free Spirit, this has been his life fo...

Student Teacher Slideshow

Student Teacher Slideshow
Meet the Student Teachers

Cassie Kessler, Staff Writer

January 28, 2019

  Click to "read more" and scroll to meet the 2018-2019 student teachers for the second semester.

Cities of the Dead

Lily Allpress, Assistant Editor-In-Chief of PLPulse

December 20, 2018

Usually picturing a cemetery consists of rows upon rows of headstones, but in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is common to see above ground “tombs.” These tombs are bought by families to store their loved ones, they will be used time and time again, if a year has passed since it has been last opened.   ...

Nurturing Nature

History teacher Mrs. Wilton poses with her two favorite plants.

Ashley Mason, News editor

December 10, 2018

Walking through each classroom door the walls are covered by a teachers’ personality from sports teams to vacation pics. But for one history teacher, she brings her room to life with her to devotion as a plant mom.   A “plant mom” is one who embraces the current trend of collecting houseplants, ranging from potted succulents to hanging plants. The o...

Abandoning Professionalism

Junior Braxton Fjeldsted and senior Jace Armstrong play a set of Christmas tunes at a local dinner party. The Combo only had a couple weeks to prepare around ten songs, but even still, they played some very catchy dining music.

Vincent Lin, Staff Writer

December 6, 2018

Music ensembles depend on deadlines and schedules that consist of specified concert dates, consistent performance times, an idea of a rehearsal countdown. They are luxuries that help strengthen efficiency and time management. They are luxuries that musicians use to gradually work toward greatness....

See Something, Say Something

Mr. Raposa, a security guard at PLHS, patrols the pits during lunch.

Lissa Lafond, Features Editor

November 30, 2018

A voice comes over the intercom speakers, but it’s not for the usual announcements. Its urgent. In response, the teacher pulls the magnet from the door and students huddle into the corner. Staying out of view from the window, hoping the danger stays out. A lockdown drill is one of the many drills...

Sliding Through the Season- PLHS & PLSHS Hockey Team

Jacob Williams, Staff Writer

November 30, 2018

The joint Monarch & Titan hockey team struggles at the beginning of their season with a 0-9 record and a young roster. They look to improve their season with more and tougher practices and teaching younger players the skills of the game.

What’s the Buzz About Quiz Bowl?

Quiz bowl members eagerly await their next question.

Owen Sumter, Staff Writer

November 30, 2018

Buzz! “Solomon Islands”. Buzz! “Charles Dickens.” Buzz! “Chlorine.” Ding! Time is up and a victory cheer rings out from the classroom as the teams shake hands. This is competitive, this is intense, this is Quiz Bowl.  The Quiz Bowl season is now in full swing with the Bryan High competition, where three PLHS teams competed. One advanced and two novice rosters fou...

Take Five

These multicolored strings of lights are an iconic spot for memorable pictures in downtown Lincoln. Located right next to Ivanna Cone, many All-State musicians enjoyed their time off by having an ice cream here.

Vincent Lin, Staff Writer

November 28, 2018

Hours of rehearsal. Early morning practices. Blinding lights. Hundreds of engrossed onlookers. All-State ensembles are certainly a strain on the body, but it couldn’t hurt to take a load off in downtown Lincoln.   From Nov. 14 to Nov. 16, thirteen talented PLHS musicians travelled to Lincoln to participate in various All-State music ensembles, earn...

Running For The Class

Juniors Abigail Saylor and Nate Brown run for the position of President and Vice President.

Kenzie Ward, Staff Writer

November 20, 2018

The election for junior class board is usually a single race, but two students decided that their forces were better combined.   Junior Abigail Saylor and junior Nate Brown had worked together on their campaign. At first, Brown heard of the position and decided to run. Saylor then decided to jo...

A Personal Account of Six Days in Washington D.C.

The Free Spirit Class of 2018 poses for the first silly photo of the trip. The students enjoyed the view from the roof of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue after a brief graduation and recognition ceremony.

Delani Watkins, Scepter Editor-in-Chief

November 14, 2018

Last April, I sat in my fifth hour Intro to Business Management and Leadership class. There was a substitute teacher that day, and the class was watching an episode of “Shark Tank” that I had already seen. Both of my table mates were absent, so looking for something to do, I checked my email. At...

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