Dance team finds a way to have their season

PLHS dance team still getting the opportunity to dance even though there are more restrictions to follow.


Audriana Niemeyer

Monarch vs Titan half time performance

Alena Meyer, Social Media Editor

Who thought we’d be here today living in the world we live in now. Going into quarantine for a couple months and now having to wear a mask every time you step out of your house.After a long break from the school  district decided to open back up even though many other schools decided to go online. The district still wants to make the school year as normal as possible. Unlike other school districts and colleges, they gave students the opportunity to play sports and other school activities like being involved in the dance team.  

For the longest time the dance team held back on getting a team together because they didn’t know what their season was going to look like. But finally after virtual tryouts they started their season off at UDA camp. 

“I think we all had a great time at camp, instead of going with a lot of teams to one place we had a UDA instructor come to us for a home camp,” senior Brenna Armstrong said. “It was weird not seeing other  teams but it made it personable working just with our team and getting to finally dance with each other.”

Because of Covid-19, there are restrictions put in place. For example, all team members and coaches are required to wear masks at practice. 

“We wear masks to practice and although it gets really hot sometimes, we all understand we have to wear them in order to stay dancing and stay in school,” freshman Cameron Geihs said. 

With the  school year playing out as it is and being very different, the coaches want to give their team as normal of a season as possible. 

“This year was very different because we had virtual tryouts and started the season a little late,”Brenna Armstrong said. “But a normal practice is in the morning at 6am Liberty middle school, tired or not we start stretching right away and get to cleaning or learning a new dance.” 

The dance team this year is a team of 19, which is a lot larger than it has been in years past. This is a good thing because all of the new members bring extra skill and talent to the team, but they are still not getting the exact experience of the dance team.

“The season is going great, we have been practicing very hard in the mornings,” Geihs said. “I would’ve thought that we could have a normal season. I am enjoying my first year very much and hoping in the future hoping it can go back to a normal season.”

After a month in school, games are being played and activities have begun. The first football game happened on August 28th and the dance team had their first performance. 

“Performing at the first football game felt great, it was nice to be able to smile and perform for parents and anyone watching online,” Armstrong said. “It was definitely different than last year because we stood on the track the whole game cheering with no student section, our boys played strong and we won the game which made everything better!”

Even though this year’s dance team is different than years before, the team still has a full season ahead of them as long as the school stay open. 

 “The rest of the season will still be different, we don’t have as many competitions but we are still practicing,” Cameron Geihs said. “We still have some more football games, virtual competitions with our jazz dance and the basketball season.”

Although Covid-19 has made many changes, PLHS is still trying for a year that is normal as possible and allowing every student yo get the high school experience.